Thursday, November 6

Who Would you rather Wear? #1

Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director of design for Givenchy, presents a sharp, sexy collection, touching softly on the Goth trend, offering a powerful array of dusky looks perfectly balanced aside creamy palettes and girly ruffles.

The Givenchy woman loves a tailored fit, carries herself with confidence and she’s always damn sexy--even if covered from neck to shoe.

Melim Andersson, Chief Designer for Chloe, presents a flirty collection of embroidered organza and chiffon dresses with pretty prints and relaxed silhouettes complete with killer coats and jaw-dropping shoes.
The Chloe woman has a youthful outlook and loves playful prints and quirky details. She may not be as naughty as a Givenchy girl, but shes definitely not that nice.
So the question is…
Who would YOU rather wear?