Thursday, November 6

McQ Alexander McQueen for Target

A Porcelain Perspective:
Please have a seat.
Now read on.
The rumors are true. The gossip is confirmed. Alexander McQueen will be collaborating with super-smart Target Stores to design a version of his collection McQ entitled: McQ Alexander McQueen for Target. Believe it, because I said it. (Oh and also WWD, aka: the Fashion Bible.)
The new endeavor for Target, called Designer Collaborations, will launch in March with the edgy McQueen’s collection crowning its introduction. Not down with the McQueen info? He’s only the guy who was once chief designer at Givenchy, is Creative Director for Gucci, and was named GQ’s 2007 Men’s Wear Designer of the Year. Big whoop. (I kid, Mr. McQueen. And I love you.)
The buzz around this trend continues as retailers find new and inventive ways to battle the economic toilet that we’re currently swirling into. By merging impeccable designers with affordable prices—everyone wins. As the days go on, I find myself growing sprouts of respect for retailers, who not long ago were lacking credibility. Stores like H&M have been sailing through these economic woes with ease, as they continue to partner with designs like COMME des GARCONS, due to hit the floors on November 13. To add perspective, H&M has been one of the retailers continuing to hit sales plans, and often they are selling $20,000-$30,000 over plan on weekends. Not many Michigan Avenue doors can boast such hotness.
So, it is no surprise that in current times, the game is changing. Fashion is becoming more and more accessible to everyone and anyone. H&M outfits a range of clientele these days. The shoppers range from clueless teenage girls with Mommy’s Visa, to Michelle Obama and Jennifer Hudson. Case in point: no one has to sit on the sidelines anymore. Retailers who develop quick innovation and a forward-thinking outlook will succeed in today’s landscape. As our economy continues to swirl, the fashion world continues to evolve.
I’m just waiting to see who’s going down the drain.
-Ryan Beshel