Tuesday, November 18


Everyday 300 million plastic shopping bags are thrown away. It takes 700-1000 years for a single shopping bag to break down into toxic bits. What can be done to replace the wasteful cancerous plastic bags?

Now what?

Now Art!

Samuel Beckett is one of the most influential artist of our time (an one of the most important artist of the past century)

Becketts work was in essence about cutting out all the fat and distilling the entire story down to what Henri Cartie Bresson called the "decisive moment".

In Beckett if there is a drama of two lovers in a failing relationship that over years completely falls apart the play will simply be the moment when the lover walks to the front of the stage and screams.

In that one moment all the drama and the entire story is told.

"Not I" focuses on a pair lips and in only 20 minutes tell the story of 70 year old women who is left all alone in the world after a failed abortion and an left for dead.