Sunday, November 9

Who Lied to You?—Vol. #1:

It’s here! The VERY FIRST magically-delicious volume of: Who Lied to YOU?
Now, let me include a short disclaimer for any possibly unhappy ‘victims’:
It is not my intention to hurt anyone’s inner-most, deeply guarded feelings, or downright insult any individual—I am simply here to lightheartedly comment on some down-right-WRONG fashion choices. As we know, there are times when we turn to the mirror, or a friend, or that guy you woke up next to—and say to them: ‘What do you think about this AWESOME _______ that I’m sporting today?? (Insert: outfit, haircut, color scheme, etc.) It is at this moment, after you have been given the dishonest answer to that very question, that I must ask. . . Who the @#!% lied to YOU? Phew, I feel better; now let’s get this party started…
Exhibit 1:

Where to begin? First of all, Ed Hardy is the just-as-unfashionable version of Von Dutch, which we all remember, but often try to forget. See: ‘mesh trucker hat.’ Also, I cringe at the idea of wearing anything that comes in a full over-dose of turbo yellow. Add on some brown sandals, a discouraging fit, and a tye-dyed peach undershirt…and the rest is ‘Who Lied to You?’ history. (More to come next week from your Fashion Editors’ travels to the suburbs, yes—the suburbs! GASP.)