Wednesday, October 21

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Wednesday, June 24

The only one of it's Kind, but 3 basic categories

When was the last time you participated in art? I ate a piece of bittersweet hard-candy from the some 170 pounds of piled candy in the corner of gallery space in the contemporary art section of the new Modern Wing. I say bittersweet because the piece of candy was part of the work "Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991 made up of multicolored candies, individually wrapped in cellophane representing the artist’s lover, Ross Laycock, who died of an AIDS-related illness in 1991. The 175 pounds of candy corresponds to Ross's ideal body weight-- as viewers take away pieces of candy from the pile it symbolizes the wasting away of love and loss. I took one piece of candy at the opening day of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute-- the instructions are to take only one piece. Although I wanted to take a hand full!

I came back to the Art Institute several time to participate in Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) is is so sweet and so delicious. I'm not the only one in Chicago who thinks so because soon the sculpture was gone. There simple wasn't any candy left. This baffled me piece this sculpture is one of my super favorites in the whole museum. There on the wall tag it said "endless supply" of candy pieces. But it had ended. Now what? Was this masterpiece of art gone forever? Of course not it will never pass into nothingness, they will simple have to make more candy.

This brings me my main point, Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), 1991 is a what is know as a multiple. There are three basic categories in art. When I worked at a wine bar we broke all of wine into , Red, White and Sparkling-- there was also Rose and dessert wine but those were not main categories. In a similar way, I would say there is in contemporary art, Unique Objects, Multiples, and Time-based Works-- there is also Fiber/Fashion and Graphic/Design but lets stick to the big three.

Unique Works include: Handmade-Sculpture, Painting, Handmade-Drawing, Collage
Multiples: Photography, Prints, Drawings, Etchings, Computer Animations, Films, Videos,Instructions,Sculpture, Artists Books, SilkScreens, Ceramics.
Time-based : Digital Art, Mail Art, Architecture, Public Art, Online Art, Performance Art, Installation Art.

The most defining characteristic of unique works is that the artist intends to make only one of them. With multiples the artists intention is to make many versions of the same work of art. Lastly, with time-based artwork the intention of the artist is to engage the viewer over time and the artwork changes over time.

Friday, June 12

Tuesday, November 18

Untitled , 7


Everyday 300 million plastic shopping bags are thrown away. It takes 700-1000 years for a single shopping bag to break down into toxic bits. What can be done to replace the wasteful cancerous plastic bags?

Now what?

Now Art!

Samuel Beckett is one of the most influential artist of our time (an one of the most important artist of the past century)

Becketts work was in essence about cutting out all the fat and distilling the entire story down to what Henri Cartie Bresson called the "decisive moment".

In Beckett if there is a drama of two lovers in a failing relationship that over years completely falls apart the play will simply be the moment when the lover walks to the front of the stage and screams.

In that one moment all the drama and the entire story is told.

"Not I" focuses on a pair lips and in only 20 minutes tell the story of 70 year old women who is left all alone in the world after a failed abortion and an left for dead.

Sunday, November 9

Who Lied to You?—Vol. #1:

It’s here! The VERY FIRST magically-delicious volume of: Who Lied to YOU?
Now, let me include a short disclaimer for any possibly unhappy ‘victims’:
It is not my intention to hurt anyone’s inner-most, deeply guarded feelings, or downright insult any individual—I am simply here to lightheartedly comment on some down-right-WRONG fashion choices. As we know, there are times when we turn to the mirror, or a friend, or that guy you woke up next to—and say to them: ‘What do you think about this AWESOME _______ that I’m sporting today?? (Insert: outfit, haircut, color scheme, etc.) It is at this moment, after you have been given the dishonest answer to that very question, that I must ask. . . Who the @#!% lied to YOU? Phew, I feel better; now let’s get this party started…
Exhibit 1:

Where to begin? First of all, Ed Hardy is the just-as-unfashionable version of Von Dutch, which we all remember, but often try to forget. See: ‘mesh trucker hat.’ Also, I cringe at the idea of wearing anything that comes in a full over-dose of turbo yellow. Add on some brown sandals, a discouraging fit, and a tye-dyed peach undershirt…and the rest is ‘Who Lied to You?’ history. (More to come next week from your Fashion Editors’ travels to the suburbs, yes—the suburbs! GASP.)

Thursday, November 6

Who Would you rather Wear? #1

Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director of design for Givenchy, presents a sharp, sexy collection, touching softly on the Goth trend, offering a powerful array of dusky looks perfectly balanced aside creamy palettes and girly ruffles.

The Givenchy woman loves a tailored fit, carries herself with confidence and she’s always damn sexy--even if covered from neck to shoe.

Melim Andersson, Chief Designer for Chloe, presents a flirty collection of embroidered organza and chiffon dresses with pretty prints and relaxed silhouettes complete with killer coats and jaw-dropping shoes.
The Chloe woman has a youthful outlook and loves playful prints and quirky details. She may not be as naughty as a Givenchy girl, but shes definitely not that nice.
So the question is…
Who would YOU rather wear?