Saturday, October 4


The runway in Millennium Park went global last night as Fashion Focus Chicago 2008 hosted the World Fashion Chicago Show presented by Chicago Sister Cities International. Included were high-end collections from Chicago’s 27 sister cities. The whole shebang was sponsored by the i-REAL concept ‘car’, Toyota’s new personal mobility vehicle or as I like to call it: the personally lazy-as-hell vehicle. It’s cute and all, but i-REALLY don’t think that as a society we need to slowly discontinue the use of our legs while riding around on ‘futuristic vehicles.’ In my opinion, no one looks more like a d-bag than an individual on a Segway.
My apologies.
I got a bit off-topic…
The runway event was hosted by Chicago’s own news anchor, Linda Yu. Her hair also made it to the show, with more volume than the tulle puffing out a fantastically playful yellow skirt with thick blue horizontal stripes. Countries such as Germany, England, Pakistan, Italy, Canada and many more, delivered an eclectic mix of global fashions, all of which are available in this fine city. Though there was dizzying array of looks, a few inspirations managed to stand out. The triple-model threat, black and white striped trench, then dress, then fierceness collection was stunning. The bell curve was a big runway attendee, and dress lengths still appear to be dropping below the knee this coming season. But without worry—there were definitely some great designs to show off those legs.
Though designer styles varied, color tied together many of the looks. Bright turquoise, Crayola green, deep black, rich brown, soft peach, tangerine orange, and my favorite pops of red lit up the runway last night. The resulting show was a stellar offering of International designs. With so many culturally inspired looks showcased last night, I find it difficult to criticize personal taste. I don’t, however, have a problem discussing the model that looked like she was going to eat me. You know which one I’m referring to.
The after-party at Trump Towers featured a handful of one-on-ones in different suites, allowing party-goers the chance to discover inspirations and personal stories from each designer. The individual rooms also offered cocktails popular in the countries represented, which I then offered to myself in each room. Before I knew it, we had turned the corridor into an all-out Fashion Dance Party 2008—Trump-style. Too bad the old man couldn’t make it to witness my wicked dance moves. Maybe next Donnie, maybe next time.
-Ryan Beshel