Sunday, October 19

Some things: that art is/isn't

Art is more than just a bunch of pretty pictures, paintings, sculptures or videos. Art is another language which dwells beyond words and still within. Art is another way of knowing. Art is conveying experiences particular to any given person/artist. Art is a dialogue of ideas and concepts which have been around, and inserting a new point of view into the discussion, or reinforcing an old point of view with new information. Art is a reaction to a cultural occurrence. One example is the advent of the photographic camera. Painting used to function as a means of recording images. Once the camera was invented, painters could move forth to really explore all the other ways of knowing paint could explore. Art is not thoroughly idiosyncratic. It has a life of its own. Art is not made in a vacuum. It is informed by when it was made and everything that was made before it.

Art is making meaning.

Edgar Gonzalez-Baeza