Tuesday, October 7

Allure of Couture

Allure of Couture Show

Chicago couture hit the runway as Fashion Focus rolled on at the Allure of Couture Show, October 6th in Millennium Park. Designers showcased some of the season’s most outrageous (and not-so-outrageous) styles, as I tried my best not to have a fashion-loving melt-down. The line-up included: Sam Kori George, James De Colon, Redshift by Kristin Mariani Frieman, Maria Pinto, Jack Cave, Katrin Schnabl, Billy Atwell, Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, Moire Conroy, Mi Ri Uhm, Vatit Itthi, and Nick Cave. First to show was Sam Kori George who delivered a refined collection of women’s-wear complete with chic suiting, gorgeous gowns, and a Fall trend: must-have coats. My personal favorite was a tall black, fire-red lined piece that made the model look like she was walking on stilts. Following George was James De Colon’s neutral colored collection, kissed with leopard and burnt orange. I’d be insane not to mention the creamy checked cape that came out on the first model. *Note to female readers: Get a fierce cape, stat.* Other influential collections such as Michelle Obama outfitter--Maria Pinto--topped the show. Her first look was a feast for the eyes as the model walked in a grey mini trench over a skirt with embellished shiny silver pieces that seemed to have sprouted feathers—g-g-g-gorgeous. Her couture collection spoke to the ready-to-wear woman looking for something elegantly eclectic, with chic detailing, and attention to fit. I wanted every beauty I know to be dressed in Pinto. I also appreciated the looks from Abigail Glaum-Lathbury that showcased woman in easy fabrics, beautiful shapes, and impressive color. Her use of red to pop her styling was not over-the-top and her collection was super-wearable. Mi Ri Uhm also shook my timbers with a masculine take on femininity. The collection offered pretty cream and white garments made with sheer fabrics against muted cream stripes and bright whites. The highlight for me was the selection of white patent leather (men’s) shoes on the models. WHERE, Mi Ri Uhm, did you get those glorious shoes!?—I need them. The Cave brothers—Nick and Jack, offered an eccentric look at fashion offering outrageous colors, cuts and embellishments on their couture clothing. Jack’s looks were much more wearable, offering a layered, loud line of mainly men’s clothing, while Nick continued to impress with an artistic, detailed collection that would turn the head of a marble statue. The resulting Allure of Couture show was a delicious taste of what Chicago fashion has to offer—and in this case, one taste is never enough.
-Ryan Beshel