Wednesday, October 15

the chicago council on global affairs

Check out the lecture series on the credit crunch coming up:

With the Dow Jones plummeting to a new low for the first time since 2004, the Wall Street Crisis has entered a new phase, sending shockwaves across world markets with panic selling, credit tightening, and growing fear of a global recession. In the words of the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso “no country is immune from this crisis.” European banks have provided guarantees on bank deposits, financial and banking institutions have been nationalized, stock exchanges in Russia and Brazil have intermittently suspended trading in an effort to stem steep losses, and growth in emerging economies is now starting to trend significantly lower. United States legislators have approved a $700 billion rescue package and in a move of unprecedented scope, the world's major central banks lowered their benchmark interest rates in a coordinated fashion to restore global confidence and avoid further damage to the economy, but will this be enough?