Friday, October 24


Jenny Holzer is one the hottest artist today, she crosses the barriers of art, advertising and the everyday. She is an art superstar who anyone can talk with or appraoch. She is actively on mayspace and facebook and twitter-- so friend her and became an artist citizen.

Holzer's work has paired playful and cunning language with a mindful placement of text which inescapably draw your attention underline the emotional and scoietal concerns and fears.

With the active and growing concern for media voices and opinions, Holzer highlights the contradictory voices which shape contemporary life both here and the world. The 1990s heralded a turn in Holzer's practice toward greater visual and environmental presence. In this exhibition, which centers on her work from the mid-1990s to the present, Holzer joins political bravura with formal beauty, sensitivity, and power.

The exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Smith, James W. Alsdorf Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Programs at the MCA. It is accompanied by a publication with essays by Smith and other authors and will tour the United States and Europe.

Projection works by Jenny Holzer
For the first time in Chicago, artist Jenny Holzer presents a series of temporary outdoor projection works in conjunction with the exhibition Jenny Holzer: PROTECT PROTECT. Texts selected by Holzer, who is renowned for her compelling use of language in public space, will be projected on the facade of the MCA on three nights: