Tuesday, February 5

Carrick Bell at G2

I recently posted on Think Pink Radio about the two new exhibitions opened at Gallery 2 and project space for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 847 West Jackson, 2nd Floor, the shows both run through February 15th. One “Limbo,” the other a group exhibition, explore two things:

1. The many new ways artists are making sculptures.

2. “Limbo” as a state of suspension.

One particularly striking work is self-portrait by artist Carrick Bell. Two larger than life videos of the artist in his underwear face off in a hallway. The work is really activated when you walk between the two screens, thereby becoming part of the artwork. Standing between two 9 foot video screens is a thrilling and somewhat uncomfortable experience, especially since the videos show the artist in his underwear looking at you. The artist shown on one screen is throwing eggs while on the other screen he is getting hit with eggs. As a viewer you are caught between them. I couldn’t help but flinching every time an egg is thrown. The egg strikes and breaks open–oozing and dripping against bare skin. A symbolically vivid image of sex, embarrassment and pain.