Friday, December 28


For Erik Roldan's blog THINK PINK, I wrote a brief top ten queer art trends, check it out.

Here is a sample:

10. Camp Queer : Devine & John Waters ( they put the camp in campers)

9. Queer Factory : Andy Warhol (His record label launched the Velvet
Underground. He produced Interview Magazine. He wore a snap on silver
tupee, had crazy parties and filmed John Delasando getting a blowjob )

8.Queering the Obvious: Jasper Johns/ Robert Raushenberg/Bob Indiana /
Frank O'Hara

7.Queerly Essential: John Cage/ Merce Cunningham/ Black Mountain
College/ Buck Minster Fuller ( John Cage is arguably the most
important American Artist)

6.Queer Unscene: Willa Cather/ Emily Dickenson/ Elizabeth Bishop
(None would call themselves queer but these three women were spoke
softly and changed the whole art game)

5.Queer Divinity: Michaelangelo ( Know in his time as Il Divino ( The
Divine) too bad he never met John Waters

4.Queer Imagination: Walt Whitman/ W.H. Auden ( There is the sun, the
moon and Imagination-- the third planet.)

3.Queer Leader: Oscar Wilde/Schubert ( Glorious and gorgeous geeks--
they invented dandy and it is still hot)

2.Queer Empathy: Sapho ( Long aftert the birth she gave birth to being human)

1.Bringing Sexy Back: Kritios and Nesiotes ( sculpted the hottest boy around)