Sunday, November 18


Drawing from the periphery of everyday life, John Parot makes ordinary objects interesting through unusual transformation. The top five Google searches: sex, god, jobs, music and a rotating cast of celebrities, are recurrent favorites in Parot’s work,stems from everyday experience and the way he make sense of it. Nodding to his heroes from the Velvet Underground, John Waters and project runway, the imagery is at once familiar, but the core of the work lies in what is deeply personal. In his collages meticulous pen lines of tribal tattoos, textiles, African patterns collided with personal perennial motifs, pink triangles, boys lips, hair. Taking on new physicality in wood and foam as landscapes, street signs or mountains . The line jumps off the page and become a drawing in space, soft blue and hot pink painted yarn cruise objects of gay night-life: Cases of Diet-Coke, vodka, porn, obsolete computer disks, VHS, Polaroids, candles, a tape player and mirrors. The installation is it’s instantly striking but given time it slowly reveals humor, puns and ironic wit