Tuesday, November 18

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Everyday 300 million plastic shopping bags are thrown away. It takes 700-1000 years for a single shopping bag to break down into toxic bits. What can be done to replace the wasteful cancerous plastic bags?

Now what?

Now Art!

Samuel Beckett is one of the most influential artist of our time (an one of the most important artist of the past century)

Becketts work was in essence about cutting out all the fat and distilling the entire story down to what Henri Cartie Bresson called the "decisive moment".

In Beckett if there is a drama of two lovers in a failing relationship that over years completely falls apart the play will simply be the moment when the lover walks to the front of the stage and screams.

In that one moment all the drama and the entire story is told.

"Not I" focuses on a pair lips and in only 20 minutes tell the story of 70 year old women who is left all alone in the world after a failed abortion and an left for dead.

Sunday, November 9

Who Lied to You?—Vol. #1:

It’s here! The VERY FIRST magically-delicious volume of: Who Lied to YOU?
Now, let me include a short disclaimer for any possibly unhappy ‘victims’:
It is not my intention to hurt anyone’s inner-most, deeply guarded feelings, or downright insult any individual—I am simply here to lightheartedly comment on some down-right-WRONG fashion choices. As we know, there are times when we turn to the mirror, or a friend, or that guy you woke up next to—and say to them: ‘What do you think about this AWESOME _______ that I’m sporting today?? (Insert: outfit, haircut, color scheme, etc.) It is at this moment, after you have been given the dishonest answer to that very question, that I must ask. . . Who the @#!% lied to YOU? Phew, I feel better; now let’s get this party started…
Exhibit 1:

Where to begin? First of all, Ed Hardy is the just-as-unfashionable version of Von Dutch, which we all remember, but often try to forget. See: ‘mesh trucker hat.’ Also, I cringe at the idea of wearing anything that comes in a full over-dose of turbo yellow. Add on some brown sandals, a discouraging fit, and a tye-dyed peach undershirt…and the rest is ‘Who Lied to You?’ history. (More to come next week from your Fashion Editors’ travels to the suburbs, yes—the suburbs! GASP.)

Thursday, November 6

Who Would you rather Wear? #1

Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director of design for Givenchy, presents a sharp, sexy collection, touching softly on the Goth trend, offering a powerful array of dusky looks perfectly balanced aside creamy palettes and girly ruffles.

The Givenchy woman loves a tailored fit, carries herself with confidence and she’s always damn sexy--even if covered from neck to shoe.

Melim Andersson, Chief Designer for Chloe, presents a flirty collection of embroidered organza and chiffon dresses with pretty prints and relaxed silhouettes complete with killer coats and jaw-dropping shoes.
The Chloe woman has a youthful outlook and loves playful prints and quirky details. She may not be as naughty as a Givenchy girl, but shes definitely not that nice.
So the question is…
Who would YOU rather wear?


McQ Alexander McQueen for Target

A Porcelain Perspective:
Please have a seat.
Now read on.
The rumors are true. The gossip is confirmed. Alexander McQueen will be collaborating with super-smart Target Stores to design a version of his collection McQ entitled: McQ Alexander McQueen for Target. Believe it, because I said it. (Oh and also WWD, aka: the Fashion Bible.)
The new endeavor for Target, called Designer Collaborations, will launch in March with the edgy McQueen’s collection crowning its introduction. Not down with the McQueen info? He’s only the guy who was once chief designer at Givenchy, is Creative Director for Gucci, and was named GQ’s 2007 Men’s Wear Designer of the Year. Big whoop. (I kid, Mr. McQueen. And I love you.)
The buzz around this trend continues as retailers find new and inventive ways to battle the economic toilet that we’re currently swirling into. By merging impeccable designers with affordable prices—everyone wins. As the days go on, I find myself growing sprouts of respect for retailers, who not long ago were lacking credibility. Stores like H&M have been sailing through these economic woes with ease, as they continue to partner with designs like COMME des GARCONS, due to hit the floors on November 13. To add perspective, H&M has been one of the retailers continuing to hit sales plans, and often they are selling $20,000-$30,000 over plan on weekends. Not many Michigan Avenue doors can boast such hotness.
So, it is no surprise that in current times, the game is changing. Fashion is becoming more and more accessible to everyone and anyone. H&M outfits a range of clientele these days. The shoppers range from clueless teenage girls with Mommy’s Visa, to Michelle Obama and Jennifer Hudson. Case in point: no one has to sit on the sidelines anymore. Retailers who develop quick innovation and a forward-thinking outlook will succeed in today’s landscape. As our economy continues to swirl, the fashion world continues to evolve.
I’m just waiting to see who’s going down the drain.
-Ryan Beshel

Wednesday, November 5

Yes We Can and Yes, I can

Last night I went to grant park in Chicago determined to get into the Obama Rally-- I could not as hard as I tried get a ticket. Tens of thousands of people came from all over the city-- familiar faces and beautiful strangers.

I made it past the first check point by begging one of the guards, made it through the second check point by borrowing someone ticket, I made it through the third check point by paying off the guard with a tip and the final check point + metal detector I made it though on the kindness of fellow stranger. I could not get through the final gate without being the guest of someone with an official ticket. So I waited at the check point and asked countless people if they could get me through. A really beautiful husband and wife couple happened to have an extra guest pass and brought me in. While in line we swapped incredible stories about door-to-door campaigning in Indiana.

I have never campaigned before and never participated in politics before-- I must say that the experience was absolutely incredible. I had the door slammed on on, people angry that we would approach them about politics, and on the rare occasion an open ear or willing heart.

One of the most inspiring quotes from wives in Indiana " I am going to cancel my husbands vote"

If www.cancelmyhusbandsvote.com does not exist-- IT SHOULD. This is one of the most inspiring shows of freedom and liberty I have seen. It parts of the world or country where the man of house has the last say-- women should make their voice herd in the voting booth.

When it was announced Obama won Indiana, the crowd went crazy in Grant park-- I could not have been more proud.

All these women, all those people who lent us their ear and opened their hearts-- Indiana is a symbol of true change.

I made my way through the crowd last night until I was 20 feet from the podium where Obama spoke. He victory speech was both inspiring and sent shivers through me that "the road ahead is long". It is time to tighten our belts, time to put our nose to the grind stone and work harder than we ever had.

Today I cut up my credit card as a symbol of a new prosperous America built on hard work, innovation and collaboration.

Thank you everyone who reads our blog and I look forward to the full launch of

And the victory is not complete until the Oprah sings.

I LOVE the skin-tissue you’re wearing

Recently, I was sent an email from the ever-exploring Justin Polera concerning a subject matter that, at the time I found quite repulsive. After some friends and I had a gasp at the visuals included in the article, I thought it only right to let this concept sink in a bit deeper before deciding to erupt with opinion.

I glanced back at the subject line to discover that Justin had named this email ‘Ethical Leather: I think you’ll find this interesting…’—and I did. More specifically, the small writing in question is actually titled: Clothes that Grow from Living Tissue. That’s right folks; it has finally come—well, not exactly. The article described the scientific experiment as an art piece, with strong implications that this should be taken seriously as a future substitute for leather!

To sum it up quickly: Researchers from The School of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Western Australia and a team of scientists, Oran Catts, Ionat Zurr and Guy Ben-Ary, developed an art piece made from immortalized living cells, shaped into what appears to be a small growing coat—in a bubble glass tube. The reality of this repulse shines bright light on the fashion world, as we never think twice as animals are slaughtered, so we can literally wear them.

The question is, why am I repulsed by the site of a small skin-coat in a test tube, but not the leather shoes I was wearing moments before I sat down to type? Often new technologies are shunned by many, only to live through the resistance and become part of everyday life. However, judging from the reaction of the people around me when I opened the email, I don’t see this as being one of those phenomenons.

Now, I get it, researchers—I do. While it certainly would take the winner for Completely Outstanding Science Fair Project, I don’t see this as a wave of the future. Somehow, this process would need to be saturated into culture before I, or most of the people I know, grab their charge cards to get the hot new test-tube grown skin coat that just came out. (Although, Pleather does make a killing—but no one ever said it looks good. Oh right--because it doesn’t.)

The article finishes with a quote: “Some may call it art, some say it’s horrendous yet some will call it science. In any context, it is still thought-provoking.” To me, it is all of those things; an amazing scientific feat, a mind bending art piece--and yes, I’d call it horrendous at the first glance. Though all of these ideas ring true, there is something beautifully provoking about the whole idea.

Original Article Source: http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/featured/clothes-that-grow-from-living-human-tissue/3162

-Ryan Beshel

Saturday, November 1

Halloween in the biggest party on Halsted

My favorites last night include two men dressed as Obama's Aunties from Africa decked out in huge Afro's and Dashekee's.

The best costume of the night was Palin with a deer hear and shot-gun rifle. A runner up was artist Ben Fain's incredible float with an old man in his bed scared by 100's of rats. Stunning!

Oh yeah and a black man dressed at Aunt Jamima--

Chasing the Devil for Halloween

It is clear that Mishara Canino and Bill Hussung set out to make a fair-minded account of the ex-gay movement, partly because we hear a voice assert this to subjects as they become qualmy or defensive under inquiry. But one has to wonder whether this is entirely possible or desirable with this set of pernicious kooks who profit from the societally-inflicted self-loathing of their “patients”. Certainly, they do their job in providing the subjects with an opportunity to argue their case. Several times we see an empty chair as the infamous Richard Cohen flees simple accountability. At other times, subjects bear his hard-hitting questions and expose us to the absurd and chilling reasoning and farcical faith that drives their mission to rid themselves and their flock of the homosexual desires they find unacceptable yet unshakable. However, the endeavor is clearly skewed towards showing these false prophets for the deplorable jokes that they are. Joanne Highley, a Manhattan minister, doesn’t help her case when she earnestly explains that demons enter the body at the point where homo intercourse occurs, but this line of interviewing is useful in the audience’s assessment of these views. Less useful or unbiased are the filmmakers’ on the fly interviews of leather daddies and a drag queen at New York City’s PRIDE Parade. Revelation: they think ex-gay leaders are idiots. Indeed, these leaders are almost dismissable in their absurdity, except for the fact that they possess great power to ruin lives. The more compelling moments come from the sane but conflicted individuals who are either currently struggling to quell the demons of homo-desire or have emerged from the ex-gay fiasco with fascinating testimonies and battle scars (and diminished bank accounts) to show. One mild-mannered older gentleman who has been in reparative therapy for years and is undergoing training to be a ‘sexual reorientation coach’ under Cohen’s guidance, wistfully considers whether he has actually been ‘healed’, examining both his continued propensity for gay porn (looking is alright, but masturbating to it is a regression) and his yearning for someone with whom he may share the rest of his days (platonically, if it happens to be a man). Moments like this largely make up for some seemingly random selection of visuals and distracting zooms and camera movement (how close to the Jesus sculpture’s face must we get?). Various quibbles can be made about this documentary’s construction, but, ultimately, it is rewarding to get a rare inside glimpse into this segment of the religious right and to hear from those who have survived their remedy.
-Kevin Langson